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Mayrich Development's Story

Over 70 years ago Mayrich Construction began with one dump truck and a dream.  That dream was cultivated through the early years by founder Michael Giacopelli.  The company grew stronger and fully blossomed when the torch was passed to the next generation; Jack Giacopelli, Joseph Scott and Richard Giacopelli.  Mayrich Construction is now an elite force in excavation and foundation construction in New York City.  They have become “the best” and their reputation is unprecedented.

Since 1989 Preferred Freezer Services has revolutionized the cold storage warehousing industry.  Founder John Galiher teamed up with Jack Giacopelli, Joseph Scott and Richard Giacopelli in the next step of our evolution.  Preferred began with one dilapidated warehouse in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and is now the 5th largest cold storage warehousing company in the world.  They have achieved this monumental growth through strategic land acquisitions, a superior product, and a strong customer network.  An aggressive growth plan has been formulated and will be executed in the coming years.